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Submit your reciprocal text link request to DocsDownloads.com by first placing the following html on your website and get on our links page automatically! Follow the simple directions below:

NOTE WELL: WE DON'T LINK TO CASINO'S, BETTING SITES, PRESCRIPTION SITES, DATING SITES, ESCORT SERVICES, OUTCALL SERVICES, PORN SITES, REPLICA WATCH SITES, DIPLOMA MILLS, MORTGAGE SITES and other sites we deem offensive! Don't bother posting any of them - offensive links are removed daily - spam filters are in effect. We are notified by email the minute you place a link and all links will be vetted for compliance with our rules! YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS IS REQUIRED or LISTING WILL BE REMOVED!

Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V) the following html code into your website or blog:

<a href="http://www.docsdownloads.com">DoCs Mega Downloads</a> >> Great Freeware Downloads <<

After you have the html added to your site, go to our reciprocal text links page to automatically have your website link added to our quality list of links. Your text link will appear here >>> http://www.docsdownloads.com/links/links.php

As always, we appreciate the support you bring to both our sites by exchanging links with us.

If you have any questions or would like to negotiate an alternative linking exchange, feel free to contact us at:

>>> Click here to email us <<<

All Our Other Automatic Link Submit Pages:

We also have an automatic linking system set-up for each of the pcMedix Web Groups niche websites. Feel free to add your link to any or all of them. The same information above applies to them all. Just follow the simple directions on the link submission page/s below to copy and paste the proper html code into your website or blog. Then return to the linksubmit page and enter your information. You'll get listed on our links page automatically in just a few minutes! Just a reminder that we do use a link-checking software system regularly to check if our link is still on your site. If you remove our link, your link also gets removed automatically. The same rules apply to linking on these sites as noted above.

Thanks for linking to us. We all win when we exchange links.

Fight Spam and WIN!

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