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Dr. Delete Includes ...

  • Actual OS detection, NT vs 9x.
    • Added additional messages indicating OS detected.
  • Added 'trap' for unknown OS'es; in which case you may pick the method of deletion.
    • Close button next to delete button.

When dragging a file or opening with Dr. Delete, the 'Delete' button is automatically invoked (so you get the 'are you sure' message.


You may use Dr. Delete in 3 ways to delete files:

  1. Launch it with a command-line argument, like DrDelete "myfile". Dr Delete will start up and place "myfile" in its textbox.

  2. Drag a file into Dr. Delete's icon / or Open With dr. delete. Does the same as #1.

  3. Open up Dr. Delete, Type in a filename (or use Browse ), then click Delete.
    Note: Dr. Delete will first attempt to delete the file without rebooting. Just to be safe. If it figures out it couldn't, it schedules the file to be deleted on reboot. If it doesn't reboot automatically - do it manually.

  • UPDATE >>> if at first it won't delete the file/s, try re-booting in Safe Mode to retry. Remember that some malware products just can't be deleted at all. On occasion, a re-format and clean install is necessary. Good luck - DoC!

>> Click Here To Download - .zip file - 139 kb. <<


Updated: February 23, 2014

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