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Cookie Firewall Features...

Most people who are on the net these days are probably familiar with what a cookie is - it's basically a small piece of information related to you that a website stores on your computer. This in and of itself is nothing bad, the vast majority of the websites out there use this simply to track the last time you visited (so they can show you what's new), or your login information so you don't need to login again and again - great timesavers! Of course, I said most sites, but not all. There are many companies that try to cross-reference sites that you go to, to help build customer profiles so they can target advertising at you, provide clients with buying patterns, and a whole lot more. (we even use benign cookies on this website for raw stats) 

That's where AnalogX CookieWall comes in ...

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Last updated: February 23, 2014

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